C**t of the Week

Where teh Cunt of the Week, Peter Tangney LivesI have little time for men who are barely above the status of sperm donor but insist on calling themselves fathers. They act like they are all hurt and offended if there is is any sleight on their questionable manhood. Many of them are fathers in term only having had as little to do with their children as humanly possible and contributing even less to their financial well-being.

This weeks C**t of the Week is just such a man, if we can call this piece of work a man at all. Since siring his child he had wilfully had nothing to do with the poor wee mite who happens to be the child of someone I know who is a good person. Unless of course he wants something in return like a quick settlement then he is the epitome of fatherhood until he gets what he wants. Just recently he has changed his status with IRD to claim he is for all intents and purposes a broken-arse and is contributing just $10 per week in Child Support.

C**t of the Week, Peter TangneyAt the same time as he was doing this he has just paid $1.2 million in cash for this House and Land in Pauatahanui. In cash. No borrowing, just cash. On top of that he recently sold HRS for $5 million to Downer EDI and cleared personally $2.5 million from that. He drives a new XR8 and his bankrupt, apprentice hairdresser, skank of a missus drives a new Mini Cooper. Parked on his driveway is a near new jetski.

And yet he cries poor to pay for his kid. Ten miserable dollars a week. Peter Tangney you are the C**t of the Week. i hope you enjoy moving in to you luxury lifestyle block while your child goes to school in barefeet and shivers this winter. And yet with the IRD’s blessing, one can only assume that is blessing, gets to cry poor to pay for his kid. Perhaps approval is a better word.

Time I think for a shake up of the liable parent contribution scheme.

UPDATE: I have just been told that the women concerned actually pays more in Child Support to this C**t of the Week, despite having custody of the child for two thirds. So it turns into a big money-go-round. Mother works, gets Child Support deducted which goes to IRD who then pays it to the Child Support account of C**t of the Week who is paying absolute minimum so it gets offset against what he owes for Child Support. It is complete bollocks.