David Shearer for Minister of Defence

While doing a bit of research on Phil Goff’s chosen candidate for Mt Albert we came across some interesting articles written by the former student and UN worker.

I must say that previously I was against this carpet bagger but having read his articles (more to come btw) I have so say that I endorse David Shearer for Mt Albert, but with one proviso, he stands for ACT and not Labour.

I think that perhaps this is Phil Goff’s master plan to dramatically move Labour to the right and David Shearer is the new Sir Roger Douglas called in personally to save Labour from the clutches of socialism. I think Goff’s strategy is brilliant and really stamps his mark on the party.

Anyway back to David Shearer. Anyone who advocates, rather strongly for the privatisation of the military is someone that should be moved into parliament with great alacrity. Move over Heather Roy this guy has nothing on you and certainly makes all the claims of a secret agenda for privatisation by National pale into insignificance.

Some of his pearls of wisdom;

The principal obstacle to regulating private military companies has been the tendency to brand them as “mercenaries” of the kind witnessed in Africa 30 years ago,rather than to recognize them as multinational entrepreneurs eager to solidify their legitimacy

Out-fucking standing. I’m right behind him. Fighting should be left to the professionals and who better than professional for-hire soldiers. I think Shearer must have been channeling Eben Barlow. But wait there’s more as the ad goes;

Consequently, regulation can be best achieved through constructive engagement.

Brilliant, a freemarket Private Military Company environment. Could it be he is suggesting that?

The prospect that private military companies might gain some degree of legitimacy within the international community begs the question as to whether these firms could take on UN peacekeeping functions and improve on UN effort.

He is, he’s my man for the job. I wonder what the former MP for Mt Albert and now the new UNDP Administator thinks about her possible replacement suggesting that UN peace keeping forces should be replaced by Executive Outcomes and Sandline. Would someone pop onto a plane and ask the former super model.

There is no denying that they are cheaper than UN operations. EO cost Sierra Leone’s governmen$t35 million for the 22 months it was there, versus a planned UN operation budgeted at $47 million for eight months.

Saving money by outsourcing, this guy is music to my ears. I could almost conceive voting Labour.

Military companies may in fact offer new possibilities for building peace that, while not universal in applicability, can hasten the end to a war and limit loss of life. Moreover there is no evidence that private-sector intervention will erode the state.

Despite the commercial motives of military companies, their interventions, if anything, have strengthened the ability of governments to control their territory.

One thing bothers me though. The UN currently uses Fijian peacekeepers, could perhaps Commodore Bainimarama get around the planned embargo by forming Fiji Peacekeeper Incorporated?