Dominican Republic looking to ban Silly First names

Finally! A sensible nation see the light.

The Domincan Republic is looking very seriously at banning Silly First names, obviously in a bid to halt the rapid spread of Silly First Name Syndrome and its disastrous consequences for its victims.

The Dominican Republic is considering a ban on unusual monikers following an increase in the number of names based on car brands, intimate body parts and other things.

The names range from the bizarre – “Dear Pineapple”, “Iloveyou Lover” – to the commercial – “Mazda Altagracia” and “Toshiba Fidelina.”

A judge with the Central Electoral Commission said such names should be rejected because they are confusing and give no indication of a person’s gender. Jose Angel Aquino recently submitted the proposal.

The commission is expected to consider it sometime this year.

Judge Aura Celeste Fernandez said Tuesday that officials should instead meet with parents and explain the consequences of such names.

As this blogger has noted the consequences can be fatal.

hat tip velofille