Foreshore law flip flop for Labour

Foreshore law review produces backdownLabour is extending an olive branch to Maori and the National-led Government by offering a bipartisan approach to the review of the Foreshore and Seabed Act. It is a conciliatory move by Labour MP – and former deputy Prime Minister… [NZ Herald Politics]

Labour under Flip Flop Goff is fast starting to wonder what it stands for. Yet again they have flip flopped on an issue that they previously died  in a ditch for. Goff must surely be plundering what little resources Labour has on massive focus group projects to find out why the electorate abandoned them in increasing numbers.

For sure they needed to shore up Maori support especially if the rumours are true the Parekura the Pie Slayer is dragging his carcass around hawking for jobs. A by-election there on top of a bloody nose in Mt Albert would be the end of Goff.

So now we see their flip flops. The good thing is they seem to want to still die in the ditch over tax.