Goff thinks fresh face has winning edge

Goff thinks fresh face has winning edgeLabour leader Phil Goff says his party’s bid to keep the Mt Albert seat in the coming byelection will be stronger with fresh faces. He made the comment yesterday after the eight Labour candidates vying for Labour selection this… [NZ Herald Politics]

Goff is absolutely right, a new fresh face is exactly what is needed and that is why Meg Bates should be selected for Mt Albert and someone should roll Goff while they are at it.

David Shearer is hardly a fresh face, he is a school mate of Goff’s so that makes him nearly sixty, Glenda Fryer has a face you can break bottles on and the others are all never weres or has beens like Hamish What’s-his-face from the North Shore.

The one that really takes the cake is so-called “Lesbian Muslim” Farida Sultana. Qur’anic verses and hadith condemn sexual acts between members of the same sex.There can really be no way that she is Muslim and Lesbian the two are mutually exclusive.

Same-sex intercourse officially carries the death penalty in several Muslim nations: Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, Mauritania, northern Nigeria, Sudan, and Yemen. It formerly carried the death penalty in Afghanistan under the Taliban. The legal situation in the United Arab Emirates is unclear. In many Muslim nations, such as Bahrain, Qatar, Algeria and the Maldives, homosexuality is punished with jail time, fines, or corporal punishment. In some Muslim-majority nations, such as Turkey, Jordan, Indonesia or Mali, same-sex intercourse is not specifically forbidden by law. In Egypt, openly gay men have been prosecuted under general public morality laws.

I wonder what Ashraf Choudray thinks of Farida Sultana and whether she should be stoned for her unchaste behaviour?