Government Lay Offs

Swing the Axe at the Public SectorThe IRD layoffs set me thinking.

Back when the Public Service was an extension of government, with long corridors, rooms with numbers, numerous clerks shovelling paper from room 435 to room 672 etc there was an acceptance of a few things

  1. these people had a job to do
  2. some body had to do it
  3. they weren’t very bright
  4. they weren’t paid as much as the private sector
  5. they would be employed forever because of the 4 items above.

Now this has all changed.

The public sector has the highest salaries around, so number 4 above no longer applies.

There are some very bright people employed there because we have funded their education before student loans were thought of, so number 3 no longer applies.

There are significant changes in the systems and methods used to do business, so while we need somebody, we don’t need as many bodies, so number 2 no longer applies.

On that basis number 1 doesn’t apply either.

The PSA has done a good job of improving conditions and thereby privatising the remuneration and benefits of their members.

On that basis there should be no surprise that conditions have changed, and there should be no surprises that the public sector are now treated to the same conditions as the lesser paid people in the private sector.

Swing that axe in the public sector and swing it hard.