Greens and National to team up

Greens and National to team upThe Greens and National are to work together on some policy areas, they are set to announce today. Before the election the Greens ruled out any support arrangement with National, but at a press conference at lunchtime the two parties… [NZ Herald Politics]

John Key’s master plan to emasculate Labour by hugging his enemies to death has taken another step with an agreement of the Greens and National to work together on a nationwide home insulation programme, updating New Zealand’s energy efficiency strategy and developing a New Zealand-based regulatory system for natural health products.

This will enable Key to also drive a wedge between the hard left of the Greens and the real enviro members. Thus Norman, Turei, Bradford, Locke Delahunty and the food nazi Kedgley will become marginalised as Fitzsimons, Graham and hague gain prominence.

Key is becoming set for a very long term in government.