Helen Clark makes mockery of Auckland University

Helen Clark made Doctor of LawsFormer Prime Minister Helen Clark has been awarded an honorary doctorate. The degree, from the University of Auckland, is a Doctor of Laws. University spokesman Bill Williams said Helen Clark would receive the doctorate at a… [NZ Herald Politics]

Y O U  H A V E  G O T  TO  B E  F U C K I N G  J O K I N G!!!

To give a Doctor of Laws to the woman who forged a painting then destroyed the evidence, stole $850,000 of taxpayers to fund her election campaign and then retrospectively legalised it, who lead a government that rejected a Court Appeal judgement and stole the property rights of New Zealanders for the foreshore and seabed, passed the Electoral Finance Act under urgency to try to rig an election, arranged for the sacking of her Police Commissioner and lied to the media about it, changed the laws around health provision during child birth resulting in un-necessary deaths and trauma, organised a rigged inquiry to protect a minister who is now before the courts on corruption is beyond the pale.

Dr but can’t can’t write a script Helen fucking Clark. Fuck off. With the super city proposal we should now be looking at removing the university from its prime real-estate location in the city and moving it to Ramarama and using old prefabs for lecture rooms.