Here we go again

Why the Police are even thinking about charging someone who is actually a hero for taking on an armed robber is beyond me.

Why don’t they actually go out and catch the real criminal instead of thinking of charging a man who was simply protecting his livelihood from a scum-sucking thief.

It beggars belief that the cops couldn’t follow a blood trail.

Police did not encourage victims being robbed at gunpoint to fight back as these victims did, he said.

“This situation could easily have resulted in a fatality and it could have easily been one of victims that had been shot or killed.

“Fighting back, when firearms are involved, dramatically increases the dangers to everyone present and should not be considered or attempted.”

Fuck that. Like they will do anything to help out. You may as well fight back.It is time we as citizens were returned the right to keep and bear arms. That way there will be a fatality in a robbery, that of the robber.