Hooton on Super City

Once again I have had to get up and trundle off to the local stationers to get my NBR. Then I saw DPF had forgotten that this weekend was Easter and Matthew Hooton had not.

Hooton points out that if the supercity becomes a circus, Phil Goff will be to blame. Goff should stop whingeing that John Key has basically accepted the recommendations of Helen Clark’s Royal Commission. A royal Commission that was originally set up as a distraction.

He should endorse the leadership on the issue of both the prime minister and his predecessor Helen Clark and start working to get Mike Lee elected as Mayor. That would do more for Auckland, the Labour Party and his own chance of holding on to the Labour leadership than the silly politicking of the last 48 hours.

There he was stuffing up Member’s Day in parliament on a cheap political stunt, calling for an urgent debate and then he set about knocking and knocking as Kiwi’s are wont to do. Not one solution was uttered from his mealy mouth.

The time for labour to talk is over, their solution, a Royal Commission, cost us $4.2 million. It is time for action and thank god we have John key and Rodney Hide taking action. Meanwhile Labour moans and whines. They had better get used to those seats in Opposition, looks like they will be there for quite sometime.