I want to Keep Eating Eskimos

Save our EskimosI love Eskimos and now they are under threat and not from Climate Change or Global Warming or even from Polar Bears in search of food.

Eskimos are under threat from a busybody Inuit visitor who is upset that we have a lolly called Eskimos.

As Invertory says;

For goodness’ sake. You just know what’s going to happen now, don’t you – Cadbury/Pascall will be forced to either rename the Eskimo (which we love eating), or worse still, have to withdraw them from sale completely. And that is patently absurd! Where would it end? Will black jellybeans be next? And let’s not even start talking about Jaffas!!

So, as the old song says – we’re not going to take it anymore. We’ve had enough of this politically correct nonsense. So right now, Keeping Stock and Whaleoil is leading a crusade to defend Cadbury/Pascall against this infringement of our culinary rights. Join us, and send your message of support to the fine folks at Cadbury/Pascall here.

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