I'm disgusted

Michael Cullen tipped to announce retirement from politicsMichael Cullen, one of New Zealand’s longest serving MPs is expected on Tuesday to announce his retirement from politics [TVNZ News Politics]

I am disgusted as a National party member that the Government has seen fit to appoint Dr (but can’t write a script) Micjhael Cullen to anything other than the Prison Canteen fund let alone to the board of NZ Post.

I am sure that John Key has his reasons, he is the Prime minister after all, and I can understand the politics of the decision but I still believe that Michael Cullen should be prosecuted for lying in the Prefu.

He is a mendacious, trough snuffler of the highest order.

The only upside of appointing this prick to a board that I can see is to send him a letter requiring his resignation for being a member of the Labour Party like he did to many in 2000.

Of course in parliament there is a real upside. The Tizard Timebomb just moved that much closer for Labour and is set yo go off should Twyford win the nomination and then the seat of Mt Albert for Labour.

The other upside is that Cullen will no longer be sniping from the benches and Labour’s only halfway competent member on rules is the lisping Trevor Mallard.

Now if Parekura Horomia waddles off to a a government job, and all indications suggest this is likely before years end then Tizard is back in parliament. Labour has a dilemma, but that is a seperate post.