Is the Standard our Red Rag?

This is a timely post with all the furore going on in the UK with Guido Fawkes outing the smear tactics of UK Labour in setting attack sites and trying to smear Conservative politicians with malicious and false gossip.

Several times over the past year I’ve done my public duty by revealing the lies and hypocrisy behind the Labour Party and EPMU lapbloggers at the Standard.

First it was the VRWC that brought you the truth behind the Labour Party hosting the Standard’s website. The Standard denied it, then lied about it, then worked quickly to set up alternative hosting facilities.

Then we revealed that Rob Egan and Neale Jones, EPMU communications unit staffers, are writers at the Standard.

Then we revealed that all_your_base was none other than then PM communications adviser, Chris Elder.

Then we revealed that Clinton Smith was the same guy who had previously used the pseudonym Wat Tyler at the kiwiblog stalker site, kiwiblogblog, before becoming a full-time writer at the Standard. Despite his claims not to have Labour Party links, he was active at Labour Party gatherings.

Now WOBH can reveal via his increasingly vocal Labour Party snitches that the Standard’s most frequent current writer, Eddie, is former Michael Cullen press secretary Jenny Michie. Michie still works full time at Labour Party headquarters in Wellington as its communications officer.

Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. Yet still the Standard deny that they’re a Labour Party front.

The echos and similarities with what has gone on in the UK are too close to call it a coincidence. Remeber Hlen Clark nicked all her good ideas from UK Labour. The pledge card, the cash for honours, it is becoming clear that more than just those two ideas were swapped between the two Labour Party organisations.