@JonoMilne @PatrickCrewdson EPIC FAIL, dust off your CV's fellas

Jono Milne has been keen on Twitter. He is the driver behind a few articles about  Twitter and has been trying to get the people behind the fake MP Twitter accounts to reveal themselves. I was told this in an anonymous email that had screenshots of his and his off-sider also threatening lawyers.

Anyhow, Barnsley Bill has noticed a particularly sick Tweet this sap has posted. He also helpfully grabbed a screenshot. This will add to the mounting embarrasment at Herald on Sunday after Pork Chop aka Rachel Glucina was found to have published a story complete with photos about Donna Awatere-Huata, the only problem was the photo wasn’t Donna. In that same issue with the fake photo she also made out that she was at the MTV Awards but mysteriously was never sighted anywhere for the entire time.

He flicks a tweet at Patrick Crewdson from the DomPost about his callous disregard for a grieving widow and promoting Trademe (which Fairfax owns), yet immediately below he says this;

is appalled at the boy-racer crash on the North Shore. These kids just get together and get legless …

The story it relates to;

Teenage girl loses leg after street race crash

Nasty…..this is the sort of thing I would do and say not some journalist.

These two are a prize bunch of c**ts. Tweet them both and let them know what you think.

Jono Milne and patrick Credson Epic Fail