Key gutting Labour Like a Trout

John Key is a masterful politcian. He is gutting Labour like a Trout in a systematic and cold-hearted manner but smiling all the way.

BustedBlonde at RoarPrawn is suggesting that John Key has done a deal with the Greens to bring them into the government, making his government of consensus and with an overwhelming mandate from the people of New Zealand to make this economy strong and Green.

It is masterfrul, it achieves many aims. It leaves Labour as Nigel No-Mates, marginalises the Maori Party, softens the Act Party and when coupled with his other strategies absolutely detroys the Labour Party.

John Key has cut off their balls by removing Clark and Cullen, their best performers, brought the Tizard Time-bomb into effect, made the Labour Party think that Andrew “Chicken” Little is their great saviour and marginalised their last few remaining friends.

This is the Grand Coalition, oft talked about but never seen until now.

Even better for John Key will be when Parekura Horomia rejoins the civil service and Annette King leaves to take on the Mayoralty of Wellington, probably endorsed by Citizens. John Key will have left Labour a destroyed shadow of its former self containing only the Rainbow Branch and Unionists.

If Busted Blonde is correct John Key may well govern for many a year.