Labour attacks Diversity

The Labour Party has launched a coordinated attack in the last couple of days in what can only be described as a disgusting race based attack upon diversity.

In the Aucklander, Labour rolled out known whinger and veterean loser Cr. Cathy Casey to attack Peseta Sam Lotu-I-iga via The Aucklander and now there is a press release out by Carol Beaumont who coincidentally was beaten soundly by Sam in the General Election in Maungakiekie.

Cr. Leila Boyle has also joined in with a call for his resignation.

They all disingenously mention his so-called “double-dipping” without bothering to find out that Sam is actually donating his City Counciller salary to charity.

This is nothing less than an orchestrated attempt by Labour to manipulate the media into creating a story from nothing. It is also breatheless hypocrisy from Labour when you consider their history of backing exactly the same type of representation from their own members.

George Hawkins was elected Mayor of Papakura in 1983 and continued in this position until 1992. He was elected to Parliament on 27th October 1990.

Judith Tizard was member of the Auckland Regional Council 1988-1991 and entered Parliament in October 1990.

Martin Gallagher was member of the Hamilton City Council 1985-1994 and also Deputy Mayor of Hamilton from March 1988-November 1993 and entered Parliament in November 1993.

Fran Wilde was elected Mayor of Wellington in October 1992 and resigned as a Member of Parliament on 25th October 1992, after her election as Mayor.

Georgina Beyer was elected Mayor of Carterton in October 1995 and announced her resignation as Mayor on 8 March 2000. She was elected to Parliament on 27 November 1999.

David Benson-Pope was elected MP for Dunedin South in 1999. Resigned in March 2000 as a Dunedin City Councillor.

The record stands against Labour. Once again it appears to be a breatheless case of utter hypocrisy on the part of Labour who are more interested in toadying to unionists and are showing that there are fair and square oposed to ethnic diveristy in parliament.