Labour happy to have Tizard back, Goff says

Labour happy to have Tizard back, Goff saysLabour has no problem with former MP Judith Tizard coming back to Parliament on its party list, leader Phil Goff says. He was reacting to speculation that the party would select a non-list MP to stand in the Mt Albert by-election… [NZ Herald Politics]

Asked how he felt about the potential return of Ms Tizard, who lost Auckland Central to National’s Nicky Kaye, Mr Goff said: “I am very happy to see any former Labour colleague back in parliament.”

Err, really? How about your old mate Roger Douglas?

Or for that matter:
Richard Prebble
John Tamihere
David Benson-Pope
Taito Philip Field

Should Labour’s candidate squeak in and Judith Tizard returns off the list then TIFKAG has a problem with his front bench. He would surely have to have Judith Tizard there as Labour’s third most experienced ex-minister.

If I was a voter in Mt Albert I would seriously be considering whether or not I wanted an MP destined to sit on the opposition benches for 12 years or someone who could contribute in government.