Labour in full panic in Mt Albert

Labour questions voters on celebrity candidatesThe Labour Party is sounding out Mt Albert voters on the byelection – including asking whether they want a “celebrity” MP and testing feelings on Judith Tizard re-entering Parliament. Labour commissioned UMR Research group to… [NZ Herald Politics]

Labour are in full panic mode over Mt Albert. They have commissioned expensive focus groups from multi-national polling company UMR Research to find out if the Vote Twyford, Get Tizard campaign that will be run would be effective.

They are expending thousands of dollars to find out whether  attack lines dreamed up by bloggers would be effective!

How hilarious.

Still with the Electoral Finance Act now gone a third party campaign in the electorate should be a bit of a lark.I might even change my name by Deed Poll and stand as Helan Clark. Or maybe Bill & Ben would do that.