Labour loses bottle over Mt Albert

Labour’s expensive focus group polling from multi-national polling company UMR must have shown bad news for Labour and Phil Twyford because today Twyford has announced he is pulling out the running for Mt Albert and Labour.

This also proves that the Tizard Effect is a major factor for voters of Mt Albert.

My Labour Party sources also tell me that Conor Roberts is now the favourite and eliminates the factionalism that would be encountered with Meg Bates and other candidates for Labour’s selection.

The same sources also tell me that the focus groups have told them that attacking National on the Waterview tunnel is a dead duck also. Their focus groups showed that the rest of Mt Albert just wants something built, anything and they don’t give a damn about 300 Labour voting households that would be affected.

That leaes the sole focus for Labout in Mt Albert as the Super City. This will backfire on them as well because Mt Albert is in Auckland City. It is largely unaffected by the Super City propsal of with either the Labour stacked Royal Commission nor of National’s and ACT’s solution.

Labour are now set to campaign on nothing other than Helen’s legacy, which is she promised to remain on for another three years and bolted when turfed from the top job.

Win or lose, Labour is going to get a bloody nose on this. The pity is that a capable local in Phil Twyford will not be their local MP because the Labour leadership lacked the bottle to select him.