Labour MPs still stealing from Public Purse

Labour MPs front up over election expensesAt least three Labour MPs have declared that the taxpayer footed some of their official election expenses – and the Labour Party’s return also lists about $74,000 of public money for its Budget leaflet. In their recently released… [NZ Herald Politics]

It seems that some Labour MPs, including the leader , haven’t learned from the pledge card fiasco. They are still stealing from the taxpayer to fund their campaigns. The Greens are at it too.

While we are talking about the Labour Party and returns did anyone notice through all the shrill dog-whistling about corruption that Labour was given money by the Road Transport Forum AFTER they pissed the truckies off over their mendacity with RUC. The donation was also AFTER the truck protest which famously brought all major cities in New Zealand to a standstill.

Some one kicks you in the goolies and you give them money!


More like masochism is you ask me. I don’t think even David Benson-Pope would take a kicking in the nuts like that.