Labour's Dirty Tricks ramping up on Super City

When you read letters to the editor in your local rag or in the Herald in coming weeks complaining about the Super City proposal for Auckland, know one thing, that it is an orchestrated and coordinated campaign by the Labour Party to drown out support for the proposals.

This is ironic considering that it was Labour that set the terms of reference for the Royal Commission, it was Labour that setup the Royal Commission and Labur that appointed their patsy commissioners and now it appears that Labour doesn’t want a bar of the Super City proposal. The very same Royal Commission that reccomended against a referendum.

Whaleoil has received via the Tipoff email the following email from former MP Jenny Kirk exhorting Labour supporters to start the campaign.

From: Jenny Kirk

To: undisclosed-recipients:

Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2009 1:06 PM

Subject: SUPERCity letters needed]

I reckon its about time Labour people started up a new topic in the Herald and SST letters – what don’t you like about the Super City proposals ? ? ?

Please get some letters in soonest. Not only to the Herald and SST but also into ALL your local community newspapers – the North Shore Times, Western Leader, South Auckland Courier, and whatever …………..

[WOBH: snipped out NZPA article]

My personal comment : The Mayors of Auckland are NOT the Auckland region’s residents and ratepayers ! Nor can they speak for the whole region and its diverse and varied communities.
A few suggestions to start off your letter-writing :

The National-Act Government should seek a mandate from Aucklanders before fundamentally restructuring local government in Auckland.

Section 49 of the Local Government Act 2002 provides for a poll of electors to be held before reorganisation of local government occurs.

If the National-Act Government has the courage of its convictions, it will seek a mandate for what they are proposing rather than simply ramming changes through by special legislation.

National promised in its election manifesto that it would consult with Aucklanders when the recommendations of the Royal Commission were known. It has not honoured that promise.

The Royal Commission consulted widely and undertook extensive analysis over 18 months before making its recommendations. These were changed fundamentally by National in a week without further analysis or consultation, even with key players in local government.

A referendum would force Mr Key and Mr Hide to consider the acceptability to Aucklanders of all their recommendations, rather than just forcing them through.

The reorganisation has been estimated to cost every Aucklander $550 extra in rates, yet those who are expected to pay aren’t even being consulted about the changes.

It should be a case of no taxation without representation.

Aucklanders have the legal right to have their voice heard by referendum. That should be respected by National and Act rather than subjecting Aucklanders to their bullying tactics.

We have one chance to get Auckland’s new governance structure right. That means taking the time it needs for Aucklanders to participate in the process, have their voices heard and for a reasonable level of consensus to be achieved.

For many Aucklanders, the current proposals look like a jack up between National and Act leaders, Mayor John Banks and a small but powerful business elite.

Under the law, Aucklanders have the democratic right to voice their opinions over major changes to their city that they will be required to pay for.

This should not be overridden by central government arrogantly legislating that right out of existence.