Links you just have to click

There is a difference between headlines for a newspaper and headlines that turn into links. On a newspaper the headline must grab attention for you to read it and likewise for a link to the article on a website.

However I think web savvy users are inoculated to the more sensational headlines and instead go for quirky. Which leads me onto the premise that there are some links that you just HAVE to click.

The Herald had one such link today.

Man admits goat attack

Now here was I thinking oh no! not another animal fucker giving the loving touch to a goat. For some strange reason goat sex also provides a huge number of visits as well. DPF has found out that Penguin sex does the same.

So I click through and to my utter disappointment it is a story about a truly sick individual who bloody tortured a goat by dragging it behind his car. Good grief that is so disgusting when he could have just given it a kiss and slipped the back legs into his gumboots.