Looping the Loopy Left

No Right Turn (Malcolm Harbrow) thinks that the Road Transport Forum is corrupt but not the unions.

Greenpeace wants you to vote for their Origami Whales Campaign in the Webby Awards ( I had to post this, it is about Whales after all)

Opposable Thumb thinks the Labour Party is making a mess of choosing a candidate to replace Helen Clark in Mt Albert.(hard to disagree with that)

Labour/EPMU funded offshore lap-blog (NZ’s LabourList/Red Rag) finally get a smidgeon of integrity and criticises some Labour politicians.

Brenden Burns thinks watching the All Blacks for free is a birthright.

Clayton “Plughead” Cosgrove just lies outright about Maori Prisons, but then anyone with punch and grow is in denial anyway.

Phil Goff is trying to catch up with Labour supporters. (They’d be few and far between, I wonder if he found any)

Catherine Delahunty (yes its real) is hoping new puppy at White House will stop killing afghanis and funding Israel wars on Palestine