Mad Mayor, Brown Eye Bob and Rodney Hide discuss Super City

My blog was featured in this piece about the Mad Mayor, The Clown of Campbells Bay and the Lunatic of Lake Road, Andrew Williams. Brown Eye Bob also featured and Rodney Hide poured them all into their bottles.

Andrew Williams has more cheek than a fat man’s bum to complain about a text from Banksie when he himself is the veteran texter, usually in the wee small hours of the night. The Mad Mayor thinks he is a tall poppy and being cut down to size.

Bob and Andrew should remember why we are in this position over the Super City. It was because they squabbled and fought over the future structure of the city and Clark decided that she would have  Royal Commission because no one could agree.

The time for talk ended a long time ago. It is time to end the fiefdoms, time to end the waste and time for action.