Mad Mayor goes Wild in Waitakere

Bob Harvey goes wild in WaitakereThe other night on the television Bob Harvey was all sweetness and light about the Super City and trying to settle down the Clown from Campbells Bay and his increasingly bizarre rantings. In the space of a weekand after a hearing from Local Government minister Rodney Hide, Brown Eye Bob has gone from the reasoned conciliator to the Wally from Waitakere and launched an attack on the Super City proposal and on the ARC in particular.

Brown Eye Bob, one must remember, is a past Labour Party president and as Labour are gearing up their Mt Albert by-election fight to be about the super city it isn’t that surprising that Brown Eye Bob has changed tack.

However his letter to the editor today is appalling in the use of his language. But then you can’t really expect much from a Mayor who thinks it is the height of decorum to drop his trousers and bare his buttocks to one of his own councillors.

What this letter shows is one of two things. Either the Clown of Campbells Bay’s preferred libations (on special at $14.99) have been put to outstanding use by Bob Harvey or the left wing are deeply divided about the Super City.

Whaleoil is in a generous mood this morning so I’ll take that the lkeft are deeply divided. On the one hand you have Mike lee who is positioning himself as the leftwing alternative to John Banks and is trying to garner support and on the other you have the Clown from Campbells Bay and now the Wally from Waitakere hellbent on patch protection.

What will be interesting is to see how Len Brown handles this. Thus far he has acted with some decorum. Whether he can maintain that is another thing.