Mad Mayor rants up a storm

The Mad Mayor of North Shore, Andrew Williams, the Clown of Campbells Bay has gone all crazy about the government informing citizens about the super-city proposals.

North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams reacted angrily to news of the pamphlet drop this week.

He said: “Boy, that must be costing a bob. They’ve already spent $4.2 million on a Royal Commission that they’ve tossed aside. I thought this process was about trying to save money.”

Andrew Williams always reacts angrilly to everything. It is his modus operandi. Of course this whinge is from the buffoon who spent ratepayer money on bottles of wine to campaign against John Banks?

He’s got a bloody cheek on criticising communications strategy as well – this is the guy who sends one word emails consisting of the word “Tosser!”

I wonder if this how they do things in Belgium?