Matt McCarten shows his own prejudice

Matt McCarten: Nats’ Supercity decision shows true view of MaoriThere’s been a lot of humbug by successive parliaments over the years about insisting that their departments give lip service to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi at national level and lots of touchy feely stuff about iwi consultation… [NZ Herald Politics]

Matt Mccarten has a lengthy whine in the HoS about the super-city proposal. most of it is trite socialist tosh, but one paragraph in particular shows that Matt hasn’t taken even a cursory look at the facts.

Anyone who knows anything about elections knows that in a postal vote with multi-candidates, most people vote for representatives they feel comfortable with. It’s not something we admit to but we vote for people like us. That means we elect people with Anglo-Saxon names. Anybody with a Maori or foreign-sounding names misses out unless they have an already high public profile. In local body, being a woman and having a “Kiwi” sounding name high in the alphabet is a good start.

Oh right, that’ll be why Bhatnagar and Lotu-I-iga got elected, nice Anglo-Saxon names those. What a lot of bollocks. Sam and Aaron won through a solid strategy that required a large team and exceptionally hard work. Not money. Not an Anglo-Saxon name. Effort. Support from volunteers. They worked their guts out and they won because they worked hard. Neither of them had a high public profile, and they both finished well ahead of the next candidates.

Matt McCarten simply shows his own predjudice with trite socialist tosh such as this.