MoE is full of shit

Kyoto projections move into surplus but minister is cautiousNew Zealand’s liability under the Kyoto Protocol has swung from a deficit last year to a surplus this year, and Environment Minister Nick Smith says the figures could continue to bounce around. A ministry report released today… [NZ Herald Politics]

So now the Ministry for the Environment reckons there is a Kyoto surplus again.

This is what they first said when Pete Hodgson was saying that if we didn’t ratify Kyoto we’d be burning up a cheque for $200 million. Then they said there was a billion dollar deficit. Then a half billion dollar deficit.

Now its back to surplus again. Do these clowns know what the fuck they are doing? Answer: No.

Perhaps we should just do nothing at all like China and india and the United States.

And anyway could Nick Smith please explain just exactly which country is going to write us a cheque for $241 million.

It is a joke, a Cullenesque type fraud on the books of New Zealand. No one will pay us and we wouldn’t pay anyone, its a fraud, plain and simple.

Perhaps though tax cuts will be back on the agenda. If the tax cuts aren’t back on the agenda then that proves that this number is something pulled out of Nick Smith’s arse by Bill English.