Monday Moonbats

A couple of moonbat stories have dropped in my Inbox today so I thought i would bring you Monday Moonbats.

First up, the Green MEP , Caroline Lucas (a Member of the European Parliament, the UK Greens leader, and a very VERY good chance of taking the Brighton seat at the next General Election) who compares flying to Spain with stabbing someone. They are discussing a third runway at Heathrow, Lucas advocates stopping people from flying, the UKIP representative points out that this is restricting people’s liberty, she responds that society stops people from knifing people, the UKIP rep asks if flying to Spain is the same as knifing someone, and she responds with a clanging yes.

And The UK Greens are generally seen as more moderate than here.

Skip to about 14mins, and you’ll get the gist.

The second Monday Moonbat story is about need to be doing a lot more to reverse the global trend towards fatness, and recognise it as a key factor in the battle to reduce emissions and slow climate change.

The rising numbers of people who are overweight and obese in the UK means the nation uses 19% more food energy than 40 years ago, a study suggests.

That could equate to an extra 60 mega tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year, the team calculated.

Transport costs of a fatter population were also included in the International Journal of Epidemiology study.

Dr Phil Edwards, study leader and researcher at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, said they had set out to calculate what the UK energy consumption would be if the weight of the population was put back a few decades.

A “normal” adult population, where only 3.5% are classed as obese, was compared with a population where 40% are obese.

So all the fatties are killing the planet. The Greens will be wanting to ban fatties now!

The Third Monday Moonbat Story is of course about Keith Locke and the Grant Robertson who think we need to be going to cuddle up to Muslim anti-semites all in the mistaken belief that it will be fighting racism.

The last Monday Moonbat story is about the Labour Party and Lynne Pillay who issued a press release praising up Cindy Kiro as some sort of modern heroine who fought evil to a stand still. This press release is perhaps one of the best examples of how out of touch Labour became with the electorate. That the praise to the high heavens one of the most hated civil servants shows how much they remain out of touch.