More Pork Pies from Pork Chop

Hot on her pig trotters of making shit up and having to issue grovelling apologies in this weeks national “Tony Veitch stalking til the death” Herald on Sunday, Pork decided to invade the privacy of plenty of her resource materials and link herself to them. The better entries…..

5. The best home-entertaining couple: Bill Ralston and Janet Wilson who seem to have a bottomless fridge.

Poor Bill and Janet. If its bad enough to be outed as inviting her over, Porkchop has tried to reach the bottom of their fridge. Of course the bludging pig should be bringing her own alcohol to be a good guest so we can only think Pork is talking about the food in the fridge.

Janet and Bill should apply for a WINZ grant to refill their fridge after Pork struck. Little wonder they both look so thin. Or perhaps Shayne Currie has another spare $20k to victims of Spy to compensate their economic and reputational loss.

9. Best place to stalk Paul Henry

Gannet Road cafe, Herne Bay, post morning show.

Guess he won’t be seen there again….well done Porkie. Gannet Road management will be impressed.

16. The Best Midnight Snack Kitchen

TVNZ…….Mike Valentine is a culinary whiz in the kitchen too. His early morning fry-ups are perfect to sober up any sozzled house guest. Trust me.

So Mike Valentine’s reputation is over. Porkie stayed at his house. The mind boggles what circumstances led to that.

24. The Best Suzy Homemaker

Susan Wood….beautifully kept Parnell townhouse, a fridge full of French champers and a propensity to entertain friends who turn up looking for a party. Guilty.

Once again Pork bludging around celebs for food and alcohol. Worse for Susan she now becomes the target for speculation among her friends as a source for gossip in Porkchop’s weekly works of fiction.

Conclusion: Porkie can expect a whole lot less invites now she’s paraded associations in Spy.