National torn over Mt Albert candidacy

National torn over Mt Albert candidacyThe National Party is embroiled in a backroom power struggle over its Mt Albert candidate, with the hierarchy’s favourite, Melissa Lee, trying to tip out grassroots toiler Ravi Musuku. Ms Lee is a list MP and one of National’s… [NZ Herald Politics]

Spam journalism this morning from Patrick Gower. The National Party isn’t torn at all over Mt Albert. Only Ravi Mususku is. He just hasn’t got it yet that this by-election is important. So important that National doesn’t want cannon-fodder fed into the attack.

What Ravi fails to understand is that he was cannon-fodder. party folk won’t tell him that but I am far too honest. When standing in a safe seat against the then incumbent Prime Minister you are only going to to get mowed down.

When a by-election comes along after the former Prime Minister resigns there is a whole new set of dynamics. The personality that held the electorate together behind Helen Clark has gone, in a flash it turns out and hasn’t even bothered with any speechs or otherwise to mark the occaison. She could bolt fast enough….making a mockery of putting Mt Albert first…..more like putting herself first.

Ravi needs to get with the programme and fall in behind like the loyal soldier he is. If he plays nice the party will play nice. If he plays dumb he will get mowed down. Simple really.