No shit Sherlocks

The Dim-bulbs and the meddling reporter at Stuff, Michael Field, show their foolishness and idiocy with the headline that the Fiji Coup was Illegal.

Really? now there’s a surprise. Who would’ve ever thought that overthrowing a government at the point of an unloaded gun was illegal.

Of course the coup was bloody illegal, it was a coup. By their very nature coup’s are illegal. Of course we could now go into the why’s and where-fore’s of why the coup was had but michael Field wouldn’t listen and nor would most other people because the arguement has been framed by Clark and her bully-pulpit against Fiji.

Those of us who know and love Fiji know the real reasons behind the coup and the removal of the utterly corrupt government of Qarase.

It is interesting that the Fiji Appeals Court has ruled to NOT re-instate Qarase. I wonder why that was? Because they know as well as anyone except Michael Field how utterly repugnant the rule of Qarase was and that despite the coup being illegal, as they are, that even that is better than returning to a rule of law based upon racism and nepotism and control by a medieval fiefdom system.

Further, thought he Judges declared the regime illegal they also realise that there isn’t a damn thing anyone can do about it when Frank has all the guns. So in the immortal words of Helen Clark, it is time we all moved on on this and actually started helping Fiji come to democracy rather than wagging our fingers and tut-tutting over what is now rather old history.

I implore John Key to take another course from the one he inherited. I am willing to have a chat with him about how we can help Fiji from a Fijian perspective, rather than the Mfat boffins view. A path that would restore democracy in short order.