NZ's low productivity singled out in OECD report

NZ’s low productivity singled out in OECD reportRaising productivity has been identified in an OECD report on New Zealand as the country’s greatest medium term challenge. The report, released today, provides analysis of New Zealand’s economic situation, identifies perceived… [NZ Herald Politics]

Labour had a goal of getting us to the top half of the OECD, a goaql they missed by a spectacular margin. The OECD has delivered a report that is sobering reading for the lickspittles and felchtards of Labour, though I am sure that they will produce some graphs from the EPMU sweat-shop to show otherwise.

Labour’s legacy, meanwhile, has been noted by the OECD as;

  • New Zealand’s economy was now among the most indebted in the OECD
  • Low productivity performance was put down to “sub-optimal” policies and new regulation which was sometimes poorly designed.
  • Which have increased the costs of doing business and sent bad signals to foreign investors.

This is exactly the reason why Dr (but can’t write a script) Michael Cullen should not be on the board of anything mmore than the local bowling club fundraising committee.