Phil Goofs Russel's name

Listen to Phil Goff goof Russel Norman’s name. He completely forgets his name. What a complete fool. And it isn’t like he just spelled it wrong either he completely forgets who Russel Norman actually is.

GOFF: Well what, what will happen is all of, all of Labour’s candidates are non-Parliamentarians so whoever, ah, is selected it’s the candidate, ah, if they go through to win in the by-election then they simply, ah, are additional an electoral MP for, ah, the Labour Party replacing Helen Clark. So the numbers stay the same. Now what, what will make, ah, the Labour candidate, I think unique amongst the major contenders is that the other two contenders are both sitting MPs, ah, Melissa, well they think they will be. Melissa Lee is the hot on favourite for, for the National Party. She’s already a Member of Parliament of course, a list member of Parliament, ah, as is, um, Russel, um, oh God, forgot his surname, ah, Russel, help me out [laughs], the co-leader of the Greens.

PRESENTER: Russel Norman.

GOFF: Norman, yeah that’s the one, ah, so, ah, Russel and Melissa are already Members of Parliament and I guess that might, ah, cause some electors to reflect. Well, why would we vote for an existing Member of Parliament because they’re already there? But, but if either of them were to win then, ah, of course somebody else would come off the list in their party.

Oh dear, no wonder the Greens aren’t interested in listening to Labour. Phil Goff can’t even beat Helen Clark in the preferred Prime Minister stakes and now can’t remember Russel Norman’s name. If Russel puts in a good campaign he may well supplant Phil goff in the preferred Prime Minister’s stakes.