Police and Pork Chop better get inoculated

Pig SnotIt seems that this Swine Flu thing is a little more serious than originally thought.

The Police and Pork Chop would seem to be particularly vulnerable.

Seriously though, I was travelling alot in South East Asia during the SARS outbreak and went through Singapore several times.  At the airport they had these gizmos all disembarking passengers had to walk past.  The gizmos were measuring peoples temperatures with the aim of finding anyone who had a higher than normal temperature. The gizmos themselves were very unobtrusive.  Trust the Singaporeans to be so organized.

So this begs the question, do we have these same mechanisms at Auckland airport?  I am guessing not…it just seems so casual to rely on people revealing their flu symptoms.

I think I’ll take MacDoctors advice and book the family in for the flu jab before the rush. Perhaps they should means test recipients. Those who earn over $100k get the jab first then a sliding scale downwards in $10k bands until all doses are used up.