Push them off The EDGE

John Banks needs to be weilding the axe this morning after TVNZ has revealed that;

Cliff EdgeThe Edge has lost $2.5million in the last month.

My Fair Lady needed 50,000 tickets sold to break even, but sold only 18,000 and closed two weeks early.

As well, the staging of two other classics, The Winter’s Tale and The Cherry Orchard, delivered a $500,000 loss.

The plays were part of an international arts season featuring British and American actors.

The loss is partly offset by a million dollar profit from Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

But the council is going to have to cough up with another $1.1 million.

John Banks should demand a sacking from the Edge board just like someone got fired at ARC. The Edge is a council owned company outside of direct council control, with its own board. But obviously, when it loses copious amounts of money it falls to the ever faithful ratepayer to bail these chumps out.

Line ’em all up and push someone off the EDGE John, and do it today.