Random Catch Up

Climate Sanity has a neat graphic to put the bullshit about Carbon/Kyoto/Climate Change into perspective.

Peter Creswell gets stuck into ditzy whinger Deborah Hill Cone who got stuck into me (more ont his later)

Top 10 journalism rules you should go right ahead and break on your blog, since DHC is all upset and cats-bum faced.

Farrar took another two hours to write what everyone else can do in 10 minutes.

Steve Richards: Guido Is One Of the Media’s Most Influential Figures

Little Green Footballs comments on Obama Laughing it up with Hugo Chavez

Will King looks at the astronomical amount Gillette paid to brainwash you into coughing more for less. Yes he is the inventor of Azor but they are quite simple the best blades a man can get.

Wellington has Poneke the trolley-bus spotter and Auckland has Jon the trainspotter. Fuck knows why either of them bother.