Some thoughts on Cullen

Now that I have had time to calm down and have stopped throwing my toys I have thought a bit about the Cullen appointment.

John Key has strategically done a beautiful job in marginalising Labour. He is always constantly mis-under-estimated, to quote GWB, by Labour and once again he has out-foxed them.

When Jim Bolger turned into a Labour lap-director he was pretty much written off within the party. No one would talk to him and I understand that is still the case. In the days before the election and in the aftermath of John Key’s stunning victory Bolger was known to be ringing around party apparatchiks trying to curry favour. Almost without exception he was shunned as a traitor.

This is now the scenario that befalls Michael Cullen. Labour will turn on him and it will be nasty. Michael Cullen’s only friends are now in the National Party. He will be treated worse as a turncoat and traitor than if he had leprosy by his party.

Even better it removed Cullen from the house where he could and did make life difficult for National. That further nobbles Labour in their performance in the house where only Michael Cullen has actually been able to achieve anything since the change of government. This is yet another benefit for John Key.

The other thing to consider it that NZ Post is bleeding money and has to undergo some massive changes. I will blog on NZ Post in coming weeks as more information comes to hand, but suffice to say there is going to be blood shed in turning NZ Post around and Cullen is now going to have to do the dirty work from the board. The irony is delicious.

The more I think about it the more I like the politics around this appointment. John Key has once again snookered Labour and kicked their legs out from under them.