Su'a William Sio caught lying

Labour’s breathtaking hypocrisy over Peseta Sam Lotu-I-iga is turning into an own goal of massive proportions.

In their coordinated attack via media differing news outlets and via public statements by sitting city councillors and MP’s there was this statement by Su’a William Sio.

Associate Pacific Island Spokesperson Su’a William Sio, who is a former Manukau City Councillor, said when he entered Parliament midway through 2008 he resigned from the council immediately because it was impossible to do justice to both jobs.

“I think the right thing for Peseta to do is to resign from one role and focus on doing one job properly, and that’s what the community deserves,”

So Su’a William Sio says he resigned immediately. He is a class A liar and a hypocrite.

Su’a William Sio was declared elected after Diane Yates resigned on 29 March 2008.

He finally resigned from his Manukau City Council position  on 8 May 2008. Immediately is the next day not a month and a week later.

Sio stayed on for the vote on the new deputy mayor because the left knew that the Mayor’s new lapdog wasn’t a huge favourite. The vote was a close 10-8. Had Sio not been there Gary Troup still would have been successful, however the close vote and the fact he resigned a week after the vote indicates that his prime motivation for staying on was to choose the next deputy mayor. His attendance at meetings in the time that he was double dipping was appaling. The vote for deputy mayor (pdf)

Sio’s combined salary for the time he was holding both roles was greater than Sam given that he was deputy mayor and earning $85,000 plus a backbencher’s salary.

Sio is a first class hypocrite and liar. Worse he is a first class liar and a hypocrite, lying to score cheap political points against a fine MP who puts his taudry behaviour to shame.