The difference between right and wrong

The debacle that Labour faces over the S-Bomb is a good example of the differences between the right and the wrong…ooops…I mean the left.

Let’s look at the H-Fee Smear. I call it a smear because it was in fact a smear without any foundation in fact.

  1. Labour’s lap-blog has a guest post from “Batman” alleging dodgy dealings from John Key
  2. Labour raises questions in the media and house constantly about how and when John key traded shares as an MP.
  3. Labour despatches their president,  Mike Williams, to Melbourne with several staffers at huge expense for airfares and accommodation to sift through mountains of documents searching for dirt.
  4. Labour trucks huge quantities of documents back with them from Melbourne.
  5. They then raise the H-fee smear
  6. Get it spectaularly wrong, it isn’t even John Key’s signature on the documents
  7. Lose the election

As Cactus Kate succinctly notes that plan went something like this;

I know it takes a pinko 10 days, and flights to Australia with a team of 4 to do that, but the VRWC are far more literate.

And we are. Here is how the S-Bomb was delivered on target.

  1. DPF and Whaleoil were drinking at Waipapa Tavern near Kerikeri and thought it might be a good idea to look into the background of the Labour candidates
  2. Phone calls made to various bloggers to assist
  3. Potential goldmine location was suggested by one blogger to Whaleoil
  4. DPF phones some student mates with access to University library repositories
  5. Documents emailed to DPF
  6. Documents emailed to Duncan Garner
  7. Documents released on Whaleoil and DPF blogs
  8. Documents featured same night on TV3
  9. The haliburton Candidates campaign spiked before it began

It cost us nothing to investigate, cost us nothing to publish and the damage was massive. No political party was involved, the entire S-Bomb delivery was by bloggers, and was on target and truthful 100%.

Labour can call it a smear all they like but unlike the H-Fee Smear this was 100% truthful. David Shearer said what he said, published it no less in two seperate publications and also doesn’t resile from his beliefs.

That my dear readers the the difference between the left and the right. Smear versus Fact.