The Loony Left go troppo over donations

Truck group gave $95,000 to MPsTrucking lobby group Road Transport Forum gave nearly $100,000 in donations to political parties and candidates for last year’s election, saying it was to help get access to MPs to discuss their issues. The donation returns of… [NZ Herald Politics]

The loony left have gone troppo over the donation returns from the last election. Malcolm Harbrow, otherwise known as Idiot/Savant at No Right Turn has rather brazenly called The Road Transport Forum corrupt. Now I don’t know about you but to me that seems highly defamatory. Perhaps he is emboldened by illusion of anonymity he has on his blog. To be fair to the permanent student and tit-sucker he has given a serve to former Education Minister Chris Carter about taking a donation from a private school principal.

He however doesn’t call Labour or the Unions out for corruption yet by his definition;

The RTF calls this “assisting the democratic process”. I call it corruption. They’re specifically trying to buy influence over political decision making, and that is corrupt. And I suppose it was just a coincidence that their “assistance” happened to land in the laps of the two major parties’ spokespeople on climate change, an area of policy of particular interest to them, right?

That make the unions complicit in corruption, specially the EPMU who gave Labour $60,000 in October last year. Using Malcolm’s definition this surely must be for trying to buy influence over political decision making…if not then what was it for? Of course the EPMU goes further now, their General Secretary is also the party president of Labour. What is that if not buying influence?

I think it is time to suggest that only natural persons can belong to parties, that there can be no affliate or associate member status unless that again is by natural persons. Labour is rorting the system by having Unions as affliate members and from direct funding by those affliates. The unions by Malcolm Harbrows definition are simply corrupt because they are attempting to buy political influence.