The Mendacity of Bob Harvey

Just two weeks ago Bob Harvey was attempting to protray himself as the great conciliator when he appeared on Close up with the Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams. Since then though Bob Harvey has become the Wally of Waitakere and now Whaleoil can reveal to readers the utter mendacity of Bob Harvey.

He has been playing for all to see the role of conciliator all the while in the background at council meetings exhorting  people to revolt. Arriving in the Whaleoil Tipoff Inbox was the Notes on the Extraordinary Council Meeting of 17 April. This meeting occured just 4 days after he appeared on Close Up playing Mr Nice Guy and clearly lying to Rodney Hide.

These notes show Bob Harvey making a speech where he;

  • Accuses the media of dumping on him
  • describes himself as acting wise and as a mediator
  • says a new council comprised of Remuera and Paritai Drive people must be stopped
  • describes the role of Local Boards as nonesense
  • says the Auckland Bill is being written by boffins in Wellington
  • describes the battle against the proposals as “a war that needs to be taken to the streets” and “Maori need to take to the streets also”
  • he is investigating legal options for redress

Those don’t sound like the actions or words of a wise man nor of a conciliator. They sound more like someone on a warpath. Other speakers at the council meeting were;

Tony Mayow – Chair of Community Waitakere, who is upset that all the work of making Waitakere an Eco-City would be for nothing and that “Rodney Hide has gutted the report”. He “Fears Rod Deane as he is for privatisation” and asks that people bombard MPs with email.

Vanessa Neeson says she would march and take a pitchfork if she had one.

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse also thinks the council should fight and suggests all councillors become activists.

Richard Northey an Auckland City Councillor was also at the meeting to agitate.