This PC crap has to stop

Look at these questions that were asked of the DHB’s in a recent questionaire. This just shows the depth of rampant command and control socialists have infiltrated to. This nonsense must end.

-What is the best estimate of any reductions in greenhouse gas emissions the DHB will be able to achieve in the 2008/09 financial year (in tonnes CO2 equivalent) and how does this compare to last year’s emissions?

-What percentage of the DHB’s budget is being spent promoting healthy eating?

-Please provide a breakdown of sustainable procurement (“Environmental Choice” tick or equivalent standard) as a percentage of total procurement spending on the following: office papers/printing papers, sanitary paper products, copying machines, fax machines, printers, cleaners, flooring, writing instruments …What is the DHB doing to promote and facilitate car pools, public transport, or sustainable staff transport options?

Utter bollocks, quite how those questions and their ridiculous answers are supposed to help a sick person is beyond me. This utter bollocks must end.