UK Labour email scandal has echos in NZ

with assistance from Barnsley Bill(I needed his UK insights)

In the UK blogger Guido Fawkes has taken down  a Downing Street staffer, looks like taking down a cabinet minister and also a lap-blogger who isn’t down yet but is so discreditied that even Labour’s own blog is caling for his dismissal.

Whilst this is all happening on the other side of the world there are some interesting parallels with New Zealand.

In the UK the lap-blog appears to have been set up and written with the tacit approval of the Prime Minister and also written largely from 10 Downing Street.

Rumours, innuendo and attack lines have been run through the blog at arms length from Downing Street but now with Guido’s leaked emails shown to have emanated from there.

Sound familiar. Well it should. Remember that all of Helen Clark’s best ideas came straight from UK Labour. The Pledge Card, both Brown and Clark are fabian socialists, the communication between NZ Labour and UK Labour would be continuous, both Labour government were mired in Cash for Honours scandals and Helen Clark liked to claim she was “Third Way” like Tony Blair.

Faced with popular Right Wing Blogs Labour in the UK has set up LabourList and employed Derek Draper, a proven CV falsifier to run it and an unctuous twat to boot. Unite union in the UK paid Draper 100,000 to set up the lap-blog.

Here in New Zealand we had the sudden appearance of The Standard. Same MO, they even tried to smear the right wing blogs by putting about a smear about one of their own. Steve Pierson also ran numerous smears but the one they tried the hardest was that John Key bought hs Helensville seat.

The similarities are striking. Very striking even to the point of including known staffers/spin doctors of the then Prime Minister. In New Zealand we have a similar setup. Right Wing Bloggers are self employed, independent of parties, and left wing bloggers tend to be setup as lap-blogs from within the offices of MP’s or the parliamentary precinct itself. Indeed some of them are still doing it.

Well the scab has been picked off in the UK and Labour is ducking for cover. Already a Downing Street staffer has resigned and Derek Draper has admitted lying, but “not on purpose”. The official Labour blog has denouced Draper and McBride it is only a matter of time before they also denounce Tom Watson.

Listen to George Galloway and Adam Boulton lay into Derek Draper.

Guido’s comments are running at 4-500 per post. Watch this video from ToryBear and Derek Draper lying to Guido Fawkes.


These similarities in MO are too close to be a coincidence. If only the email and web logs of the previous government were available I am sure there would be some seriously embarrassed faces in Labour here.