Union Thugs illegally detain Company Executives

Union Thugs illegally detain bossesUnion thugs have today illegally detained company executives in what they lovingly call “bossnapping”.

Make no mistake this is illegal. This would constitute unlawful detainment, possible kidnapping, certainly breaches of local fire codes and I am sure plenty of other offences. These union thugs should be held accountable for their actions.

The union thugs also seem to think that it is their god-given right to harrass executives at their homes at 0630 and to also intimidate their customers.

If UNITE is wanting to ensure this business collapses through bad publicity as it seems to be doing then the workers who find themselves locked out could well find themselves on the dole queue quicker than they thought possible.

Certainly if I was the owner of this company I wouldn’t be taking kindly to acts such as illegal detention, kidnapping and breaching the peace.

Funny how these types of bully boy union thug tactics start appearing when National is in government. Notice how the union and labour funded offshore lap-bloggers think it is all a big joke.