Water chief targeted in smear claim

Water chief targeted in smear claimA senior Auckland public official tipped to oversee the Government’s Super City plans is being smeared in an anonymous document circulating in the city. Mark Ford, the chief executive of Watercare Services, is believed to be the… [NZ Herald Politics]

There is an active smear campaign going on around water in Auckland. The Herald reports that at least two others have received the smear documents. I believe the smear has gone wider than that because this blogger was also emailed the documents.

There is someone out there who is in all sorts of a lather about a non-event. I think perhaps they need to put the cap back on the flagon well before sitting down at the computer and typing this tosh up again.

One thing is for sure, they don’t like Richard Worth for some reason. Though I have no idea of the relevance of the alleged connection between an Internal Affairs Minister and Water Services??? There isn’t even a conflict so why bother even raising it.

Clearly a nutjob conspiracist.