Wed Wussellll to stand in Mt Albert

Russel Norman has announced that he will be standing for the Greens in Mt Albert. This is a brilliant strategy by the Greens to finally break free from the moniker that they are Labour’s bitches.

Perhaps the best commentary on this is this comment at Farrar’s troll farm;

davidp (536) Vote: Add rating 3  Subtract rating 1   Says:

If the people of Mt Albert voted Green, the government should build a giant fence around the electorate. No cars would be allowed through the fence, only buses powered by biodiesel grown locally. Only electricity from windmills would be sent in to the electorate, meaning that residents would spend 12 hours a day sitting in the dark as if they were “celebrating” Earth Hour. Check points would confiscate anyone trying to import normal lightbulbs, non-organic food, chocolate, or anything else that is even remotely fun. And residents would be tattooed clearly to identify them so that they would be refused service when they popped out of the electorate to eat a burger or pizza.