Well Duh!

The ineptness of Labour and Phil Goff are being exposed daily.

Yesterday in the house Phil Goff attempted a very difficult feat indeed and I don’t mean remember Russel Norman’s name

The cherry on the top comes when Mr Goff seeks to officially table “the front page of every suburban newspaper in Auckland” in an effort to show how critical those papers were of the “bullying” approach the Government followed on the Super City.

Parliament’s rules for tabling insist that the documents in question have to be physically produced. Much to National’s delight, Mr Goff has forgotten to add that it will only be one copy of the papers in question.

Their heads full of happy visions of Labour staffers rounding up every single newspaper in the metropolis and a convoy of trucks rolling down the country to fulfil such a requirement, the National MPs let him table them.

Then he has massively stumbled in the defence of David “Haliburton” Shearer when he says mercenaries are in the business of “paid murder” yet the carpet-bagger from the UN reckons we should be outsourcing peace-keeping and the army to Private Military Companies.

I can’t wait for question time. Has the Prime Minister seen any reports on the benefits of outsourcing?