Westies do themselves proud

Yesterday Spanish Bride was the victim of a hit and run accident. She was stopped at a pedestrian crossing on Edmonton Road in Te Atatu when a young fool and his girl-friend came around the corner and smacked straight into her car.

The Pod, thankfully, were not that injured, whiplash, sore arms etc. The fine German machinery that protected the pod however is a write off. The Mazda that hit our car is worse off as is the fool’s girlfriend who sustained nasty face injuries.

This young fool after smashing into our car, then attempted to drive off. He tried to drve away around the block but his car gave up the ghost. Some teenagers in a car spotted his steaming, smoking wreck and his attempt to bolt and then discovered our wreck. They stopped and gave details of the car and location.

They have now been caught.

Many local residents came to assist including a lovely Sikh gentleman complete with turban and others that came bearing blankets. There were about four or five different cultures all helping.

Spanish Bride has written a letter to the Western Leader, here it is;

Dear Sir

my two children and I were involved in a hit and run accident on ANZAC day on Edmonton Rd in Henderson.
I want to take this opportunity to thank the many people who came to our assistance when the driver who hit us from behind and shunted us into the back of another car fled the scene.

A number of different families came out of their homes and we were offered a drink, blankets for my son and even an offer to come inside one of their homes while we waited for the police.
Thank you for your kindness and concern. You all know who you are.

Also I want to mention some teenagers who went out of their way to assist us. People are always very quick to criticise the younger generation but these local teens were wonderful.
I had been unable to get the licence plate of the car that hit us.

They drove past us after the accident occured and asked us if we had got the plate of the driver that hit us. When I said no, they told us that they had come across the other car and had noted the plate number when it became clear to them that the driver was running away from an accident.

They then assisted the police and thanks to them the driver was caught.
Thank you so much. You know who you are. Your parents should be very proud.