What is Richard Worth?

Nothing, the man is a chump and yet again has drawn attention to himself in all the wrong ways.

Cactus Kate explores his latest trip through fantasy land.

Now I thought the same thing when I saw the 3News clip…..WTF is Richard Worth doing there? The victim lives in Papakura electorate so that explains Judith Collins having a visit, but why is Richard Worth visiting?

He is supposed to have ditched all his Indian links after his ill-advised trip to India.

It raises more questions than it answers. There is no real obvious reason as to why Richard Worth should visit some folk whose only connection to Epsom, of which he isn’t even the MP, is that Mr Sandhu probably drives through it every day in his job.

Why would he introduce himself as Richard Worth, Minister of Internal Affairs?

Why not Richard Worth, fan of Bollywood movies?

Something doesn’t smell right and I just bet Crusher isn’t too happy either